Illyés Academy of Art (Final exam film 2013)

There are two people, who can’t understand each other. One man is in need something; the other had enough of everything. From this misunderstanding comes the strange situation, which is standing in the focus of the film.

The script is based on one of Dezső Kosztolányi’s novel: Coincidence (Véletlen)
Script: Regina Bacsa
Director and animator: Regina Bacsa
Tutor: Tamás Patrovits
Mentor: Zoltán Fritz
Dramaturg: Fruzsina Magyar
Year: 2013

Music title: Reménysugárút
Songwriters: Richard Révi, Péter Tamás Szijártó, Gábor Szalay
Band: NewGatti

Audio recording by the Saint Audio Studio: Tamás Zányi
HOMELESS: Sándor Halmágyi
MAN: István Fazekas

Festivals and screening:

  • Primanima 2013 (in competition programme – workshop film)
  • Művészetek Völgye 2014
  • A! (Dessewffy utca 21.)


  • Directing
  • Creative
  • Layout
  • Visual Concept
  • Character Animation
  • Compositing


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Anime Studio
  • Adobe After Effects


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