About me

Skills and competences

I have creative artistic flair and good drawing skills. Beside the art I was attracted by the rational and “sterile” trends too, so I went to study at a vocational secondary school for information technologies. Therefore I gained my first experiences in the IT world.

During the secondary school I started working at the TriDanim Team which was a group for web and software development. In the early days most of my work was to build HTML and CSS. Later I was given more important tasks and more and more responsibilities. Eventually I became a project coordinator and I worked as a graphics designer and client supporter too. I spent 6 years in the world of the web and software development.

During secondary school I took part in school television life, which included participation in the creative team, script writing, filming, editing, and acting as well. After my graduation and qualification exam, I went to learn animation, because of my interest in film was growing, and I wanted to improve my digital imaging skills, too.

Currently I am a freelancer. I do project-based work and look for short-and long-term cooperations.